About Little Fin Seafood

Our Story

Nestled within The Market at Sawgrass Grove in The Villages lies Little Fin Seafood, a culinary oasis. Here, diners are treated to a delightful array of healthy seafood dishes prepared swiftly to satisfy both hunger and palate!

Our dishes are full freshness and flavor, and promise an unforgettable, and easy dining experience. Whether you’re a local resident or passing through, stopping by Little Fin is a must-do. 

Our commitment is with the quality, speed, and the freshest ingredients to ensure you have your healthy seafood, quickly, in a casual environment. Little Fin Seafood is your go-to destination for a delicious seafood in The Villages!


The Team

At Little Fin Seafood, our exceptional service stems from our dedicated team, who are committed to delivering an unforgettable dining experience. Led by Philippe Villain’s vision and overseen by the talented head chef Francis Metais and a dedicated team, we embody a passion for excellence in every aspect of our operation.

From warmly welcoming guests as they enter to ensuring every dish is prepared to perfection, our staff’s attention to detail and genuine hospitality set us apart. We believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel like part of the family, and it’s this dedication to service that ensures every visit to Little Fin is met with satisfaction and a desire to return.

Our goal is fresh, casual and healthy seafood without the wait.
Fabulous taste journey


Simple and balanced. Alexander Petillo brings together flavors and specialties from Italy and beyond to create his own culinary world, full of surprising artistry.

“I traveled all over the world, feeling and learning the authenticity of each local speciality food. I benefit a lot from working with other chefs and restaurants. In Japan, in Thailand, in Sweden, in Mexico, and elsewhere, chefs have different philosophies and ways of handling ingredients.”

Time proves quality

Timeless Tradition

Since the first restaurant opened at Darling Harbour in 1989, The PatioTime has brought together our passion for quality seafood, family values, and seasoned restaurant experience. Every time you eat with us, you’re tasting years of hard work, innovation, and commitment to good food.

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